What we provide

Dr. Hunt provides a wide range of general dental services as well as endodontic therapy (root canals) and surgical placement of implants.

To determine what each patient’s treatment needs are, new patients are seen for a comprehensive examination and appropriate x-rays to evaluate their oral health. Following the diagnosis, Dr. Hunt co-plans the treatment needs with the patient based on their personal expectations and preferences. Our office will then coordinate a treatment plan for the patient with treatment ranked in order of priority as it affects the health of the mouth.

All fees vary based on which type of treatment may be needed or chosen by the patient. As a courtesy we work to estimate your dental insurance coverage in order to maximize your dental benefits to cover any necessary treatment. If requested we can also file pretreatment estimates with your insurance company.

Common procedures that we provide include:



Every new patient will receive a comprehensive oral evaluation that will screen for oral diseases such as cancer, TMJ disorders, gum disease and tooth decay.


Dental x-rays are a safe and effective way to screen for or diagnose early signs of disease such as decay and bone loss. Intermittent x-rays allow us to address these needs when they are smaller and less invasive. Our x-ray system is fully digital, meaning much less radiation than conventional dental x-rays.


Our hygienists provide routine prophylactic (cleaning) appointments to our patients to help prevent gum disease as well as remove calcified deposits from the teeth. These appointments also allow us to screen for early signs of oral diseases and provide any necessary patient education.


Simple and surgical extractions are offered in our office. Dr. Hunt works closely with each patient to determine what their extraction needs are and is able to remove teeth for various reasons, including those that are more complex in need.


We perform wisdom tooth removal services in our office. Because Dr. Hunt provides surgical extraction services he is also able to assist patients who may need to have their 3rd molars extracted. Most wisdom teeth that are removed are due to subsequent infections, lack of room to erupt, or other complications. In many cases wisdom teeth develop decay or gum disease, making them a risk to the healthy teeth adjacent to them.


Endodontic therapy procedures such as root canal therapy are available to our patients. Dr. Hunt has received achievement awards for his outstanding endodontic abilities. Patients with endodontic needs can have their treatment completed in our office, and there is no need to refer them to a specialist, in most cases.


Removable prosthesis such as partials and dentures are commonly used for patients with multiple missing teeth. When necessary we also provide pre-prosthetic surgery as well as the fabrication of customized implant supported dentures.

Northwest Dental Care uses domestically-produced, FDA approved, crowns, bridges, partials and dentures that are made in registered United States dental labs.


Dr. Hunt has years of experience placing implant supported crowns, bridges, and dentures. He works closely with the surgeon and laboratory to achieve excellent long-term results, should you desire to replace missing teeth in this manner.

Surgical placement of implants

Dr. Hunt has recently completed a residency at the McGarry Implant Institute in Oklahoma City for the surgical placement and restoration of dental implants and is now placing and restoring dental implants for multiple applications, from single tooth replacement to full implant supported dentures.


Patients that suffer from periodontal or gum disease can have their non-surgical treatment provided in our office from one of our hygienists. We provide scaling and root planing, or deep cleaning procedures for patients that actively suffer from gum disease. Once treatment has been completed, we work closely with our patients to monitor their oral health and prevent symptoms from relapsing.


In-office teeth whitening is the fastest way to instantly brighten your teeth. During this simple appointment, a professional strength whitening gel is applied to your teeth and exposed to an ultraviolet light. This light advances the whitening process and allows our patients to leave the office with teeth several shades whiter than when they arrived.


When teeth are broken; cracked; have older, larger fillings; or have been treated with root canal therapy, a crown is necessary to preserve the structural integrity of the tooth. Crowns cover the entire tooth surface and are typically made of a tooth-colored porcelain.

Northwest Dental Care uses domestically-produced, FDA approved, crowns, bridges, partials and dentures that are made in registered United States dental labs.


Bridges are used for the replacement of one or more missing teeth, when there are healthy teeth adjacent to the space. Similar to a crown, bridges cover the entire surface of a tooth, with a false tooth fused to it, and then another crown on the opposite end.

Northwest Dental Care uses domestically-produced, FDA approved, crowns, bridges, partials and dentures that are made in registered United States dental labs.


Dental fillings may be tooth colored or silver, depending on their location and size. When dental decay is diagnosed early on, a smaller filling can be placed on the tooth. Fillings help restore the function of a tooth after removing active decay.


We have added new imaging technology that eliminates, in most cases, the need for that “messy, gooey impression material.”


Dr. Hunt is now a preferred Invisalign provider. He now offers orthodontic treatment via Invisalign for appropriate cases.